Crowdfunder's Corner

Crowdfunding platforms have been around for over a decade now, with over 1,000 sites and hundreds of projects launched worldwide every single day. As a result, crowdfunding has become an increasingly competitive and professionalized market where a good idea, project or product is no longer enough, but planning, strategy, marketing and social networking have become key factors. There are no shortcuts, no magic bullets, only hard work, smart decisions, and attention to detail.

Hi-Fi Words firmly believes in crowdfunding as a form of helping people accomplish their dreams and objectives. Through the years our members have backed, assisted and even crowdfunded both our own and other people’s projects. As a team we’ve decided it’s time to devote ourselves to helping other entrepreneurs with easy and affordable solutions to achieve their goals and compete with the bigger fish. There are hundreds of web pages and blogs out there with advice and tips from experts and other successful entrepreneurs. Based on their experience and our own, Hi-Fi Words offers creative solutions to simple problems at a fair price.

Creative solutions to simple problems at a fair price

Project Translation

Project Translation

Project Design

Project Design

Video Subtitling

Video Subtitling

Product Translation

Product Translation

Project Translations

Crowdfunding is all about building a community and reaching your target audience. The story behind your project is always highlighted as “the most important thing on the page”. Stories are communicated through language and unfortunately not everyone speaks English. As language experts we can’t stress enough the benefits of translating your campaign into at least another language, such as Spanish (over 400 million native speakers worldwide). Hi-Fi Words can help you deliver your message in another language in style; a message as compelling, engaging, and true to your words as the original.

Project Design & Pictures

Languages are not universal, but images are and can appeal to audiences worldwide. Include images, infographics, and gifs that will catch people’s attention and are more likely to be shared on social media.

Hi-Fi Words works side by side with professional photographers and designers who can polish your project page and make it stand out from the crowd. This service would have to be hired previous to campaign launch, as prototypes, specific instructions, and personal contact details would be required to provide a solution according to your taste.

See an example of a project by one of our collaborators.

Video subtitling

Every project should have a video. When it comes to non-English speakers this is probably the first thing they check to see if they’re interested in the project. Make sure it’s not the last, and subtitle the video into other languages to reach a wider audience. Make your audience realize you are truly aware you’re addressing a global community and willing to meet their expectations.

Product translation (instructions, rulebooks, software...)

One of the most frequently asked questions by backers during crowdfunding campaigns is “Will it be available in other languages?” International backers are often concerned about fully enjoying a product in their native language or being able to share it with their community, whether it´s a book, an app, a board game, or a printer. No big company worldwide would ever launch a product in a single language when addressing a global market. Think big!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Spanish is the second most spoken native language in the world, with over 470 million speakers. Despite the widespread use of English worldwide as a communicative tool, not everyone masters the language beyond basic interaction skills. In fact, according to the English Proficiency Index 2016, most Spanish speaking countries range from low proficiency levels to very low. However, crowdfunding platforms are increasingly popular in these countries, especially in Spain, which ranked 9th in 2014 in number of pledges worldwide. In conclusion, an all English campaign is likely to fall short from reaching millions of potential backers.

It depends on language dependency of the project. If the project includes materials susceptible to translation, such as instructions, books, software, notes, rules, cards, etc., offering them in Spanish will definitely have a wider appeal. If the campaign contains videos and images, these should also be subtitled or translated.

Not at all. Hi-Fi Words guarantees a quality project translation within 48 hours and a quote for any extra materials within 24 hours. The translated materials won’t be necessary until the project is funded successfully, but you can still add extra pledge levels offering the product in Spanish, include the information in current pledge levels and ask who wants the Spanish version during the pledge manager, or even include the translation as a stretch goal.

Once you’ve hired our service, we promise to deliver any further text added during the campaign, such as updates, FAQ, etc. within 24 hours at the same rate.

Absolutely! Usually a single backer (2 at the most) covers the cost of translating the whole project; 1% or less of the cost of carrying out the project successfully. Not to mention a positive campaign review by a single backer could easily snowball into several Spanish backers following suit.

In any case, a bilingual/multilingual campaign gives the impression of professionalism from the start. Not a single product sold in a global market is advertised or produced in only one language, and crowdfunding platforms, such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter, are indeed a global community.

Hi-Fi Words considers the following three options are the best: