Meet the Team

HI-Fi Words is comprised of a team of translators and specialized professionals devoted to providing their clients with the highest-quality translation and language services. Below you can read a bit more about the company founders and CEOs.

Almudena Nevado

General Manager

Almudena started working as a freelance translator and interpreter in 2001 and for a decade combined it with university teaching in Italy and Spain. After over 15 years in universities, where she trained translators and interpreters, acted as vice-dean of a bachelor’s degree in translation, and devoted herself to her PhD, Almudena has decided to return to the professional arena of linguistic services with a team she trusts. She loves meeting people from different cultures and facing the challenges posed by intercultural communication. Travelling and listening to live music are always on her ‘to do’ list.

Tasks: Managing the day-to-day issues at the company, making the big decisions, managing projects, translating and interpreting.

Eoghan Sánchez

CRM Manager and QA

With an eye for spotting talent, Eoghan has been translating for well over a decade and training translators for the past seven years at university level. Eventually, he decided to put together a team of colleagues and freelancers to bring Hi-Fi Words to life and offer quality language services at a fair price. Constantly looking for ways to grow personally and professionally, he has a passion for teaching, playing music, combat sports and all things geek.

Tasks: Coming up with new business ideas, hiring collaborators, checking the quality of our work, managing projects, and translating.

Daniel de Santos

Financial and Technical Manager

Born out of his love for English literature and music, Dani decided to study English and English Literature at university. Once graduated, fortune led him to pursue a career in the translation industry – now having spent over 15 years in the business – combined with some university-level teaching. Over this period, he has acquired vast experience in technical translation and has specialized in Localization of both software and videogames. In this field he has worked for the major companies in the sector and contributed to many well-known titles and programs. This has sparked in him a keen interest in computer-related issues and the world of videogames. When approached by Almudena and Eoghan to co-found the company, he didn’t need to think twice: it was the logical next step for him to take.

Tasks: Paying invoices, making calculations, twitching with software, managing projects, and translating.